Want a clean pup without the backache you get from bending over the bathtub, or the mess it leaves in your home? We’ve got a few solutions!

Grooming Services

De-Shedding — removes excess fur from a dog’s undercoat to decrease shedding. Includes all elements of the full bath & brush listed below (de-shedding shampoo used) and extra brushing with de-shedding tools. It takes between 2—3 hours to complete this service depending on the dog size and coat condition & length. Includes 30 minutes of additional brushing, scheduled on a follow-up visit, to remove additional loose fur. This brushing must be scheduled within 10 days of the initial de-shed service or it will be forfeited.

Full Groom — Includes all elements of the full bath & brush (listed below) and a pad hair trim, sanitary trim, anal gland expression, and haircut.*

Bath & Brush — a full bath and brush-out service. Includes simple ear cleaning, nail trim & dremel/file, shampoo & condition, blueberry facial, blow-dry and brushing.

Quick Wash** — a basic wash to remove dirt and odor. Includes a conditioning—shampoo wash and towel dry.

* Only certain breeds have the haircut done.

**Complimentary Quick Washes are offered with every 7+ night boarding. Must be scheduled.

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Additional Grooming Services

Nail Trim — includes nail clipping and dremel/hand filing (Puppy Nail Trim Package Available).
Brushing Out  — 20 minutes of brushing (Brush Out Packages Available).
Simple Ear Cleaning — Rinsing & cleaning of the ear flap and outer ear canal.

Simple Tooth Brushing —teeth brushing and gum stimulation.
Anal Gland Expression — can be added to any bath service.
Sanitary Trim — a light trim of the hair around your dog’s potty areas. Wonderful for medium and long-haired dogs who have trouble staying clean in these areas.
Pad Fur Trim — removal of the fur between the toes/pads on the underside of the paw. The tops of the feet can also be trimmed lightly on request.
Visor (Front of Eyes) Trim —  a light trim in front of and/or above your dog’s eyes to improve visibility.
Pad Treatment — helps to soften and protect dry, cracked paws. Can be added to any service or done A La Carte.
De-Skunk Treatment — can be added to any bath service. The sooner it is done after exposure the better!
Flea Bath Treatment — can be added to any bath service.

Please keep in mind that pricing is dependent on many factors, such as the size of your dog, type & condition of coat, and the dog’s behavior during grooming. Pricing for these services can be found on the Hours & Pricing page.

We are very good at what we do, but we do not push a very stressed or anxious dog to a point where it will cause them physical or mental harm just to trim their nails. In most cases, we can get nearly any dog to trust us, but occasionally it takes a couple visits to gain that trust. In the long run this approach builds a better relationship with the dog that helps them get past their fear of the grooming experience. We will discuss any of these issues with the owner as necessary.

Call us at 303-774-8158 for more information on professional grooming services & prices.

To Enroll Today, CLICK HERE!  Or print our Grooming Enrollment Form & Waiver and bring it in for your first appointment. Enrollment will be required for all grooming services. We also require copies of your dog’s shot records showing they are up-to-date on their rabies vaccination before we will perform any grooming services.