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What Makes Happy Hounds Different?

Owners Brian & Olivia

Owners Brian & Olivia

Luxury SuiteLuxury Boarding

Longmont’s only luxury boarding facility. Our suites offer a comfortable, home-like interior (not stainless steel and concrete or chain link fencing). Flat panel televisions, platform beds and warm lighting help your dog feel more ‘at home’ while you are away. A limited number of suites allow us to take better care of our guests. We are happy to accommodate special diets and any medications your dog might need. And as always, daycare and onsite overnight supervision is included!


Dog Daycare

Brutus 3Our daycare is designed with the health and safety of your dogs in mind. Rubber flooring (inside) and synthetic grass (outside) in our play areas is easier on joints and paws. Outside fencing that is not climbable (unlike chain link). Inside and outside fencing with solid bottom rails, so dogs cannot cut themselves playing or trying to squeeze under (unlike chain link). Every dog in daycare is temperament tested to ensure the safety of all our canine customers!


Dog Wash


Building trust is the first step in any relationship with a dog and is especially important when it comes to grooming. Our grooming staff is taught to remain aware of your dog’s mental state throughout the grooming experience as an essential step in keeping them safe and comfortable. We have washtubs made of non-slip plastic to prevent slipping and unnecessary loud noises, stock all-natural grooming products, use low noise professional dryers and regularly replace our grooming tools.


Steam MachineVapor Steam Cleaning

We use two commercial vapor steam machines in the daily cleaning of our facility. Having these machines significantly reduces the use of chemicals, minimizing exposure of your dogs and our employees to these substances. Though a substantial investment, these machines provide an effective, “green” alternative.


Air Purification

Air Purification SystemsWe have several air purification devices installed throughout the facility. Managing air quality helps keep respiratory diseases to a minimum. It would be impossible to eliminate the risk of disease entirely, but use of air purifications systems help keep the spread of infection to a minimum.