Do you have any breed restrictions?

We have a thorough application and interview process for our canine clients—all dogs must pass this before entering our group play environments.

Reasons a dog might not be accepted into group play:

  • Severely under socialized with humans and/or dogs
  • Excessive Arousal
  • Excessive Possessiveness
  • Exhibits Excessive Breed Tendencies (guarding, predatory drive, herding, barking, etc.)
  • Aggressive behaviors of any type would be considered grounds for not being accepted into daycare or result in expulsion of an existing pack member.

We are continually observing the temperaments and play styles of our pack members to address any behavioral concerns that may arise as they grow with us. Training is a life long process for our canine friends and we work with our pack members and their families to address issues that might arise.

So far we have an incredible safety record and we hold ourselves to the highest standards in caring for our furry family members.

We DO NOT BAN any breed from our facility. However, we do limit the enrollment spaces available for breeds which exhibit tendencies that may not be a good match for the group play environment. Our goal is to create a safe environment for all the dogs that join our playgroups, but we do not wish to utilize breed discrimination as a sole means to create this environment. We still make every possible effort to review each dog on an individual basis.

Our hope is that we have found a middle ground that will allow us maintain our industry’s top tier standards without implying a prejudice at the expense of any animals, especially those that already face a tough battle due to public perception. Please direct any questions regarding this policy to Olivia or Brian at