How is Happy Hounds different from traditional boarding facilities

At Happy Hounds your dog will receive much more attention than at most traditional boarding facilities. Instead of spending days and nights confined to a cold, dark concrete run, guests at Happy Hounds get to spend their days romping and playing with other dogs in one of our supervised inside or outside play areas*. At night, your dog gets to sleep tight in one of our luxury suites, complete with comfortable bedding, a home-like interior, and even a TV, tuned to dog-friendly programming, of course!

We provide bedding, water and lots of love and attention. You only need to bring your dog’s food, as well as any toys, treats or medicine they might require. We ask that you bring your pet’s food because sudden changes in diet can easily upset a dog’s stomach. For an additional fee we will provide food, but we highly recommend using your dog’s own food.

*To be allowed in group play, all dogs must pass a temperament test. For dogs where group play is not an option, they will still get plenty of human attention and opportunity for play outside of their suite.